Our Property Related Fees

We quote a fee at the beginning of the Conveyancing transaction and we will inform you as soon as possible if this fee increases due to the complexity of your particular transaction

Our costs range from £650 - £995 plus vat at 20% on a sliding scale for properties between £0 and £650,000.  A template scale is shown below for your reference but the final fee quoted can sometimes alter slightly depending on the property.

These figures are excluding any disbursements to third parties.

Price of Property               
Our Costs
Up to £200,000 £650 plus vat
£200,000 – £250,000 £695 plus vat
£250,000 – £300,000 £795 plus vat
£300-£500,000 £895 plus vat
£500,000 - £650,000 £995 plus vat
£650,000 + by negotiation

This includes all correspondence telephone calls meetings and file perusal required for selling the property or purchasing your standard freehold property.

We charge additional fees for the following
Our Costs
Help to buy ISA £50 plus vat
Leasehold property £175 plus vat
Shared ownership £175plus vat
New build £175 plus vat
Land searches £6-9 approximately plus vat
Stamp duty return £50 plus vat
First registration of an unregistered property £75 plus vat
Acting for a lender £125 plus vat
Redeeming an existing mortgage £55 plus vat
Bank Transfer Fee to other side, mortgage company or Client £25 plus vat each


This list is not exhaustive and we would inform you as soon as possible if we thought there would be an additional charge attached to your transaction.

Other Property Matters

We also act in other general property matters such as

Our Costs
Re-Mortgage £450 plus vat
Transfers of Equity £500 plus vat
First Registration £450 plus vat
Equity Release £595 plus vat


These are all subject to any additions as shown above.

All usual disbursements charges by third parties are charged in addition without any add on costs from us.  The disbursements will depend on the situation but for example may include search fee, Stamp duty, leasehold notice fees.

An example total cost for a standard freehold purchase at £175,000 with a mortgage is shown below

Our Costs £650.00
Additional cost in acting for mortgage company £125.00
Bank Transfer Fee to seller’s solicitors £25.00
Stamp Duty Return £50.00
Land Registry Searches £7.00
Total £857.00
Plus VAT at 20% £171.40
Searches £300.00
Stamp Duty £1,000.00
Land Registry Fee £95.00
Total figure payable £2,423.40



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