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Everyone should have an up to date will to ensure that their assets devolve in accordance with their wishes and that the tax man benefits as little as possible. We have very reasonable fixed fees for straightforward wills.

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Another Specialist Side of Our Practice

More complicated wills involving tax planning will cost you less than one would imagine. As always, the secret is to plan ahead. We frequently arrange home visits for the aged or infirm or for those who simply prefer to discuss such matters at home.  Visits away from the office will incur a small fee.

A death in the family or of a close friend is always a distressing time for all. You may need help to settle a deceased’s affairs whether or not there is a will. You may need to sell property belonging to the estate, deal with bequests and negotiate with the Inland Revenue over questions of income and inheritance tax. This is something we have vast experience in and can use to your advantage.


Thank you so much for your professional service. You guided me quickly and efficiently through the house sale process.

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