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We offer the full range of Criminal services from the initial free police station interview whether under arrest or attending voluntarily. If charged or summonsed we continue to represent you throughout the court proceedings covering all aspects from minor motoring offences to the more serious allegations.

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Trouble With the Police

We have expert Solicitors who are Accredited Duty Solicitors and Members of The Criminal Law Solicitors Association. We can offer a wealth of experience in all types of prosecutions such as those brought by the Police, Local Authorities and other Government Regulatory Bodies, whether it is in the Police Station, Local Magistrates' Court or the Crown Court.

The Service we can offer can start from arrest or if you are asked to attend the Police Station as a Voluntary Attender. If under arrest, you can ask for us by name and, if requested to attend a police station voluntary, you can contact us to make arrangements for one of our team to attend with you. At this moment in time, if you are to be interviewed at a police station either under arrest or attending voluntarily, you should contact us as such representation is currently Free.

Many clients who face Prosecution may well be eligible for Legal Aid to fund their case and we can also provide advice and assistance with that aspect of the matter as well.

We are also mindful of significant changes ahead and the proposal to restrict Criminal Legal Aid. With that in mind, we can offer a Fixed Fee Service which, of course will be dependent on the type of allegation which you may face but, we are satisfied that we would be able to assist. For instance, we can offer a Fixed Fee Service for a simple Plea in Mitigation for a Drink Drive matter, for a fixed fee of £250 plus Vat, if this is within our local Magistrates' Court. In the first instance you should contact Mr Alex Blair who is our Crime Supervisor who will be happy to discuss matters with you.

In summary, we have many years of experience in representing clients who have been charged with a variety of difficult and complex allegations, both in the Magistrates’ and The Crown Court. We also act in a professional and understanding manner so please do not hesitate to contact if you need our help.


There are not enough words to express our thanks to you for all your hard work.

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