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We provide a quality service in many areas of the law. Including buying or selling a house, Family matters including divorce, separation and children disputes, wills trusts and probate. Trouble with the police and Criminal Law.

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Fixed Fee Services

In all cases at the outset we will give you details of our charging rates which invariably you will find competitive. In most conveyancing matters we will give you a fixed price quotation.

We have a fixed fee interview scheme for clients with a new problem who need up to thirty minutes' advice. This enables clients to know beforehand the exact cost of a consultation. This fixed fee is £100 including V.A.T.

Our Fees

We recognise that lawyers do not come cheap but we aim to give the best value and service. We endeavour to ensure that clients are fully informed about costs not only at the beginning but throughout.

As we are selling our time and accumulated years of experience, our fees are based on the time taken on your affairs. Where possible however, we give estimates and fixed fees to assist clients with budgeting.

Many clients are eligible for legal aid or public funding as it is now called and we will give you advice on this and will make the appropriate application on your behalf.


Legal Aid

We will always give first consideration as to whether Legal Aid may be available in your case. We offer a 10 minute assessment appointment to consider your eligibility for Legal Aid.


Massive thanks for everything. You kept everything going and kept us going as well, especially when we hit problems.


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